Spiritual Alignment

The Buddha taught that protecting and maintaining one's health is a duty because without a healthy body, it is difficult for the mind to be calm and to function clearly.

As we age, we want to protect our joints and bones, elasticity, circulation, visions, and most of all, our mind and memory. We should not anticipate creaky sounds when we move nor loss of agility and stamina. All of these consequences can be avoided by taking care now in order to have a more comfortable future.

Some herbs and herbal formulas support clarity and serenity and other preparations may aid detoxification, which should be a routine event, not something undertaken only if there is an emergency. Yet other formulas help us to manage stress, boost immunity, and/or improve our digestion and elimination.

In truth, the outcome of out actions depends very much on how we approach major decisions and the actions we take at turning points in our lives.