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Ayurvedic Tongue Cleaner

Daily cleaning of the tongue to remove ama or toxins is advocated in Ayurvedic medicine. Tongue cleaners are used to scrape the tonge (gently) and they can be made of anything from tortoise shell to sterling silver. The method involves inserting the tongue scraper at the back of the tongue and pulling forward. Rinse off residue between each scraping but be sure to repeat this several times. Rinse your mouth or use a mouthwash afterwards.

Pure Copper Tongue Cleaner

A Tongue Cleaner is a natural breath freshener that effectively removes harmful bacteria that causes bad breath, gum disease, tooth decay and plaque. The tongue cleaner is to be used to reach the back of the tongue. This method is particularly recommended for kapha types.

Contents: One copper tongue cleaner.

India, $

Tongue Cleaner, Stainless Steel

The Charaka Samhita, one of Ayurveda"s most ancient texts, says that the deposits on the tongue affect respiration, not just the breath. Thus, proper oral hygiene requires not just regular brushing and flossing but tongue cleaning.

Contents: One stainless steel tongue cleaner with colored handle. Comes in six colors: yellow, pale green, bright green, deep rose, medium blue, and fiery orange. Unless e-mail is sent requesting a color, random colors will be shipped.

India, $


Ghee, 7 oz.

Grade AA sweet butter: no hormones, no coloring, no salt, no water, and no preservatives! This ghee is made fresh weekly in the old fashioned way!

Contents: clarified butter made in the traditional Indian manner.

Vadik Herbs, $