Sacred Medicine Sanctuary tries to accommodate the shipping requirements of both domestic and foreign visitors to the site. Generally, orders under four pounds are sent by post and everything else, because of insurance and weight, by UPS.

Domestic Shipments


Media Mail: for books and recorded material, do not select this rate for other items

First Class: for very light weight boxes, usually single items

Priority Mail: for small shipments requiring delivery within 2-3 days


Ground: usually overnight to Washington, Oregon, and Northern California and a week to the East Coast

International Shipments

We try to meet all customs requirements of the recipient, but ultimate responsibility for determining the relevant regulations for each country rests with the purchaser. We cannot ship herbs to Austria, Germany, or Russia. People in those countries who wish our products should arrange delivery through another European country, such as England or Holland.

Customs duties are to be paid by the recipient. If there are any questions at all about foreign shipments, please contact Sacred Medicine before submitting your order.


All foreign shipments must go through U.S. export customs. Depending on the season and other factors, this often takes 1-10 days. Transit time to the recipient's country is then quite short, but the shipment may go through import customs once reaching the destination country. Before ordering, please be sure that the items are permitted and be aware that duties may be assessed before the items are delivered.


Cost and transit time vary enormously depending on the destination. In general, the transit time is faster and the cost is usually higher. Rates vary tremendously, not just country to country but rural areas can be astronomically higher than large metropolitan delivery addresses. In most cases, shipments are cleared through customs by the carrier before landing, but this is quite unpredictable. We are working with an importer in Europe to handle all European distribution. Please feel free to inquire before ordering about shipping options, costs, and estimated transit time.