Copyrights and Quoting

Copyrights on our own Titles

Intellectual property is protected by international law. We make every effort to be in perfect compliance and expect the same from those who read our publications.

Hard Copy Quoting

The author and/or publisher should describe the magazine or book, context, and the exact quotation for which permission to reprint is sought. All correspondence must be in written, signed, and dated, and approval is limited to exactly what has been agreed.

Online Quoting

In general, we prohibit use of our intellectual property by bloggers, freelance journalists, and others who post online. We welcome links and usually will agree to use if 1-3 sentences to explain why reading the original material is recommended.Reprinting of entire articles, e-books, or other material is almost never granted.

Permission to Quote

All requests to use quotations from our website, e-books, and print books must be in writing.