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Nasya Oil

Nasya Oil, 1 oz.

Certified organically grown herbs including brahmi, calamus and scullcap in a base of certified organic sesame and olive oils. Nasya is traditionally used in Ayurveda for sinus conditions and headaches, to promote clarity and balance prana. Useful for all doshas, it helps decongest the nasal passages while soothing and nourishing the tissues. Please note: this is a liquid product in an oil base that is intended for use in the nose.

Ingredients: Certified organic Sesame and Olive oils, brahmi*, calamus*, skullcap*, Eucalyptus essential oil.

*Certified organically grown.

Banyan Botanicals, $

Neti Pot

Neti Pot

This is a ceramic pot, non-porous, used for rinsing the nose and sinuses. People with chronic infections of the sinus passages and/or allergies to pollens or molds may want to experiment with this ancient Ayurvedic therapy. The way the pot is used is that the head is tilted so that the fluid can be easily introduced into one nostril in a manner that permits it to flow out the other. This may be a little uncomfortable for some people, but the treatment can be performed in about three minutes. It is important to breathe through the mouth and remain relaxed.

Ingredients: white ceramic neti pot.

Banyan Botanicals, $