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Ayurvedic Medicine


Ayurveda traces its origins to the Rig Veda, the world's oldest surviving book in an Indo-European language. The Rig Veda, 3000 B.C., is a cosmological treatise that addresses not only the nature of life but also the foundations of health and causes of disease, including the three doshas—vata, pitta, and kapha—and the uses of herbs for healing diseases, both physical and psychological ailments.

The science of health formulated by these seers was as intensely spiritual as it was practical. For those of us who are tired of the schism between mysticism and science, Ayurveda offers a comprehensive system that connects all the dots in a way that is both timeless and eternal. It is the only approach to healing that has always taken into account not only the effects of climate, diet, and life style on health but also the subtle ways in which well being is impacted by emotional and spiritual issues. Through a wide range of procedures that include the energetics of food, herbs, and spices; massage and detoxification; as well as yoga and meditation, Ayurveda presents strategies for releasing energies that are blocked as well as for improving longevity.

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