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Vadik Herbs in Capsules

Vadik Herbs provides dashmool in five forms: tea, capsules, bulk powder, and cut and sifted pieces as well as massage oil. The herbs in all five are ethically wildcrafted.

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Dashmool Massage Oil - Detoxification of the Muscles and Skin

Dashmool Massage Oil, 4 oz.

Dashmool is safe for use on rashes and extremely irritated skin, but it is also excellent for use by those trying to massage vata and kapha disorders. It can be applied topically to practically any part of the body and can be used as a medicated massage oil.

Ingredients: Natural Sesame seed oil, Dashmool (Bilwa, Shyonak, Cjambhari, Patala, Ganikarika, Shalparni, Prishniparni, Brhati, Kantakari and Gokshur), Trianthema monogyna, and Vitex negundo.

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